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It can be intimidating to wax for the first time!

Follow these step-by-step instructions to help aid you in your waxing journey for the best experience possible.




Hair needs to be at least ¼” to ½” for effective waxing. For most people this means waiting a minimum of 2 weeks from the last time you shaved. The longer you wait, the better the results. If your hair is too short we will require you to reschedule your appointment. If rescheduling is not an option we can continue with the service as long as you are aware that we will not be able to remove 100 percent of the hair and that this will effect the long term hair removal process.


Please let your specialist know if you are on any medications!


Retin A, Renova, or Accutane, glycolic acid, lactic acid, benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, vitamin A, exfoliating scrubs, antibiotics, hormonal medications, radiation and/or chemotherapy drugs all increase the rate at which your skin exfoliates so waxing could potentially remove skin as well as hair. Also be aware that chemical peels, laser, and micro-dermabrasion and tanning before an appointment can also affect skin integrity.


We recommend that you exfoliate the area to loosen any dead skin around the hair shaft.


Please thoroughly clean the area to keep the skin moist, and avoid using lotions or oils.



Your skin may feel sensitive after waxing. Any red bumps or irritation should go away within 24 hours.


Avoid sun exposure/tanning, hot baths/hot tubs, heavy lotions, excessive sweating, and exfoliation for 48 hours following your service.


After 48 hours period, begin exfoliating the area to avoid ingrown hairs. There are two types of ingrown hairs; hairs that are too soft or thin to push through the surface of the skin, and curly hairs that begin to grow back down into the skin. Use a gentle Luffa or exfoliating glove with warm water to loosen the skin around the hair. If you continue to experience ingrown hairs, our hair removal specialist can recommend some products to help further your journey to smooth, clean skin.

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